Ideal Home

September 2019

Ideal Home, September 2019, kitchen extension, grey interiors, house project, velvet chair, designer

'KNOCKING DOWN WALLS MADE THIS HOUSE FLOW' Nicole and Lester Leviton created big, open spaces connected with a cohesive palette of greys and white - with a few surprises thrown in 

July 2019

Ideal Home magazine, July 2019, self-build, bold interiors, reclaimed, recycle furniture, blue schem

'WE MADE AN ECLECTIC MIX WORK' Kate and Ross Moerel mixed together second-hand, inherited, re-used and new things to give their blank-canvas house unique style 

April 2019

Ideal Home magazine, April 2019, garden room, vintage interiors, garden retreat, antique ideas

'I TURNED MY GARAGE INTO A SNUG RETREAT' Judith Moody transformed this former storage space into a comfortable garden room

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